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Important Time Sensitive Announcements

School Readiness

The process for determining the eligibility for employees wishing to participate in the CCEP program are:
1. Employees must apply for School Readiness Services on the State's Family Portal, which can be accessed by visiting the ELC website.
2. Employees must complete a CCEP Pre-Screening Form, which can be found under downloads on the Provider Portal.
3. Pre-Screening forms for potentially eligible employees may be faxed to Broward Regional Health Planning Council at (954) 639-0025.
Please note, a CCEP Commitment form for 2016/2017 must be completed and submitted for employees to participate in the CCEP Program.


Professional Development

OEL has made three (3) free online professional development opportunities available for early childhood providers. Please visit the Helpful Information Links/Professional Development section on your dashboard page for a description of these opportunities and to access the online subscription request form.

Voluntary Prekindergarten

10/12/2017 - On October 9th, Florida’s Office of Early Learning issued a memo regarding VPK children impacted by Hurricane Maria. Due to the arrival of families impacted by Hurricane Maria, OEL will temporarily waive the class size and ratio requirements for School Year 2017-18. VPK classrooms with one instructor will be permitted to have 12 students instead of 11, and those classrooms with a lead instructor as well as an assistant will be permitted to have 22 students instead of 20. Providers must still be in compliance with all licensing regulations.

Additionally, on October 11th, OEL announced an Executive Order regarding the impacts of Hurricane Irma on VPK programs. Due to emergency closures during the month of September, additional time will be given for Assessment Period 1. Providers will be given an additional 30 calendar days to administer the AP1 assessments, for a total of 60 calendar days from the start of the VPK program, and an additional 30 calendar days to submit the scores on Bright Beginnings, for a total of 75 calendar days from the start of the VPK program. OEL is currently working to alter Bright Beginnings so the system will allow providers to enter AP1 scores up until their new submission deadline. We will alert you once we are notified that this process is complete.

Finally, the Executive Order states that VPK providers can be paid for a total of 7 days for emergency closures during this program year, instead of 5. Since the processing of September VPK reimbursement has already been completed, adjustments will be made during the next payment cycle. If your program was closed more than 5 days and you adjusted your calendar to make up 1 or 2 additional days, you now have the option to return to your original schedule. Please be sure your 11B form on the Provider Portal accurately reflects your schedule. If you need to make changes to the 11B form and are unable to do so due to the status of your contract, please contact your Provider Services Specialist.


September 21, 2017 - In the coming days, the Provider Relations Team will begin onsite visits to monitor School Readiness and VPK providers for all aspects of contract compliance. If you are chosen for an onsite visit, you will be asked to present documentation related to your contracts and program. You will be asked for some of the documentation currently uploaded to the Provider Portal; please note that originals will need to be provided at that time. Please visit your dashboard page (under "General" at the bottom left side of the page) for a list of the documents that will be requested so that you can prepare in case your program is selected for an onsite visit. We look forward to seeing many of you soon!



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